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Seven SIS students will spend Spring Break in tropical Costa Rica

One of the many bird pictures they took at Costa Rica.

Ashley K, SIS Viking Reporter

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Coming up soon during April break is the Costa Rica trip. For this trip the seven students will be taking a five hour flight to the capitol of Costa Rica, San Josè. I had an interview with the teacher that will be hosting this event Mr. Swercewski. When the group arrives, they will do many amazing things such as hike a 4,000 year old volcano. The students will also get to enjoy the Hot Springs of the volcano. A highlight of the trip is the Bat Cave. The students will be observing, catching and testing bats and seeing how they live their daily life. Some students say they are most excited to try the food they have in Costa Rica.

To help offset travel expenses, the Costa Rican team is sponsoring a Duck Tape fundraiser. You can buy one ticket for one dollar that will get you one strip of Duck Tape. On Friday, students and staff will use the Duck Tape to tape Mr. Saranich to the wall of the cafeteria.

Students traveling to Costa Rica still have a lot they have to do. They have to make they have their passport and everything they need. Also they need to make sure they show up on time.  The trip begins at SIS at 11 AM Saturday morning.

In Costa Rica, they will stay in San Jos√® for most of the time. ¬†Then, they will go to the Main Valley. In the Main Valley the will stay/explore the Terania Rain Forest at a biological research station. That station studies bat ecology, the students will be testing, catching, and studying bats. They will learn what they eat, where they live during the night, and where they spend their time during the day.¬†Mr. Swercewski believes that the students will think the bat study’s is interesting, but they will like the white water rafting the most. ¬†He also thinks they will like the zip lining from the Monteverde Rain Forest.

Mr. S has several goals for the Costa Rica adventure.  He wants to teach students about science and adventure, and to open their eyes to their world. He wants them to see what life and culture are like in another country. But, most important, he wants to inspire them to continue their love of science and travel.


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The student news site of Shelton Intermediate School
Seven SIS students will spend Spring Break in tropical Costa Rica