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Headmaster’s Corner: Mid-year signals time for reflection

Mr. Kenneth Saranich

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Dear Friends of SIS,

We are officially at the mid-point of the school year.  This is a great time to review the goals you may have set for yourself at the beginning of the year.  This is the time to reexamine, reassess and modify where you are and how you would like to finish the school year.  Focus should not be placed on what you have done, but rather what you choose to do next.

As we plan to finish the second half of the year stronger than the first, the staff and I continue to reflect on how we can best support our students.  In an effort to build within each student the strategies for success, we continue to review our practices to make the best adjustments necessary in helping students in the 21st century.

High achieving students are the ones who have learned and developed responsibility in their own work.  As you review your report cards from the 1st half of the year, focus on our Viking Values.  Think about your responsibility to your grades.  Being responsible means making the right choices.  The ability to make wise choices is a learned skill that can be reinforced at school and home.

Building good responsibility is a learning process.  During this learning process, you may make both good and poor decisions.  Every decision that you make is a learning opportunity.  Allow yourself to make mistakes and accept the consequences so that the experience will positively change your future behaviors.  By definition, learning is a change in one’s behavior as a result of their experiences.  Allow yourself to experience life and learning.

To help with the learning process, the staff at SIS has reviewed the guidelines for our Academic Team Times (ATT), during which we support students.  Academic Team Time (ATT) is a time within our school day when students can see extra support from guidance, our teachers, and staff.  During ATT, teacher(s) may direct students as to how they can use the time for academics or other goals students should be attending to.  In the event that there are no specifically scheduled learning activities for the student, a student may utilize ATT as a structured study time under the following guidelines:


  • Students are required to bring all necessary materials to their assigned class at the start of ATT.  Students will not be permitted to go to lockers during ATT.
  • Once ATT has started, students are not permitted to leave the room unless directed by a teacher to do so.
  • Students MUST work on assignments individually.
  • Students may ONLY work in groups for assigned group projects under the direction and approval of the teacher that assigned the group project.
  • Students should only be allowed to complete upcoming assignments; however, students may not work on assignments due the afternoon of the same day.
  • Students may utilize this time to make up missing work or assignments from previous absences.
  • If a student needs to go somewhere outside of the team area during ATT, the student is responsible for obtaining a pass in the morning.  Students will not be able to go to another room without a pre-arranged pass.

We all have a responsibility to each other and the learning process.  Together, we need to continue to monitor and model this process.   The staff at SIS will provide you with leadership and together through teamwork, we will focus on reaching your success.  As always, I am available to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about our school or you as an individual student.

Professionally Yours,

 Ken Saranich




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Headmaster’s Corner: Mid-year signals time for reflection